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sweetest sound

Project Type

Single Release <3


January 20, 2023

"sweetest sound" streaming link


Vocals: Alison Ogden
Writer: Alison Ogden
Writer: Olivia Webb
Production: Tony Chetta
Mixing: Tony Chetta
Mastering: Nathan Dantzler at The Hit Lab
Assistant Mastering: Harrison Tate at The Hit Lab

"sweetest sound" demonstrates a remarkable blend of pop power with nostalgic soul by showing what falling in love sounds like, with this inviting and infectious track. "sweetest sound" radiates a beautiful energy, layering sultry vocals over a modern yet romantic instrumental, produced by Tony Chetta. "sweetest sound" paints a scene of everyone's first true love, while displaying immense vulnerability in this love song for ages to come. It is truly my favorite song I have created thus far, written with Olivia Webb, a Nashville songwriter, and produced by Tony Chetta. "sweetest sound" shows such a vulnerable moment in my life and a relatable one at that. Everyone can relate to finding your first love and not wanting to let go, despite the trials you've faced. I hope this track reaches my fellow hopeless romantics so they can scream sing this in their car too<3

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